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Feel weightless this pregnancy!

It's better than the best pregnancy pillow out there, it’s an inflatable pregnancy bed with a belly hole. 

Imagine being able to do all your usual tummy activities comfortably whilst keeping your baby protected, anywhere, anytime.

Give your body that much craved pressure relief off your spine, hips, bladder, lungs, stomach, pelvis, knees… ever growing canckles… and let’s be honest ladies... your soul!

Enjoy it in the pool, on the beach, in the park, getting a massage, doing yoga, vegging out at home or having the all important long comfortable night’s sleep!

Luxurious in height and width ensures every woman feels comfortable and secure. The convenient fold design and waterproof material makes it easy to clean, store and transport anywhere without having to inflate and deflate every time.

The slight down hill tilt from the hips allows your body to lay in a more natural position, releasing the tension off your hip ligaments. 

Just when you thought a product couldn’t be any more amazing… every Belly Bunker comes with a support band. The support band simply slips over the bed and acts like a second skin providing additional support for your spine to create a weightless feeling! Perfect for those wanting a longer night sleep and everyone in their third trimester.

Embracing you, protecting your baby!