What is the Belly bunker made out of?

Eco friendly standard, Phthalate free, thick and durable 0.3mm PVC. 25% thicker than industry standard strength.


How do I inflate the Belly Bunker?

You could get some birth breathing practice in and blow it up by mouth if you wish, the average time for a 7 month pregnant woman to do so is 4-5 minutes each half. We do however highly recommend an air pump. You can use a hand/foot pump if you’re not near electricity but a compact electric pump would be our first choice. You can pick them up from your local hardware or department store for around $19.00 AU.


How do I clean the Belly Bunker?

Yay for waterproof! You can hose it down or wipe with a cloth and soapy water… it’s that easy!


Does the Belly bunker have any other uses?

So many! Do you know anyone with a beer belly? Others can include a pool toy for the kids, party games (throwing balls or flicking bottle caps through the hole), head hole for a pie throwing competition, corner cubbyhouse walls… with inbuilt round window… how cool is that!?


How much weight can the Belly Bunker take?

Up to 200kg on each half.


Will the Belly Bunker hole be the right size right throughout my entire pregnancy?

Yes, it’s is designed for all stages of pregnancy. You may need the support band at different stages to make it more comfortable.


Is it really safe for me and my baby?

Yes, but if you have any concerns please seek advice from your general practitioner.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do.


What is the delivery time?

1-5 days worldwide.


Can I buy the Belly Bunker anywhere else?

We’re working on it, but at this stage bellybunker.com is it.