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Yes absolutely and fully supported by My Midwives Australia and leading health professionals. But if you have any concerns please speak to your GP or antenatal specialists.

Yes absolutely. This is the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. Use the support band to take the weight off your back and prevent the skin from stretching. 

Just grab a little electric air pump, they're not exspensive. Inflate the bed till it’s nice and firm for optimal support and comfort. 

The bed holds 150kg on each side so you can feel completely safe.

Kneel down at the end of the bed and slowly crawl on. Place your hand just above the belly hole and lower yourself down. Do the same actions in reverse to get off.

No, the bed will slowly release the air. You will notice and have plenty of time to get up slowly.

Eco friendly standard, Phthalate free, thick and durable pvc. 35% thicker than industry standard strength.

Yes absolutely. Our tested design allows women from the earliest of weeks to birth rest comfortably on their tummy on our bed. If you ever have concerns always consult your specialist.  

Hopefully yes, we have allowed quite a bit a wiggle room in size. However, if you feel uncomfortable or your tummy starts to touch the ground please stop using the bed.