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superior features

free support band with every bed

The support band simply slips around the bed and acts like a hammock for the baby, taking the weight off your back and supporting your skin.

sleep all night long

Simply add your favorite sheet, blanket and pillow for your ultimate comfort at home and towel for the pool or beach.


The unique foldable design allows you to pop it in the car and easily take it anywhere without having to inflate and deflate every time. 

100% waterproof

For the best clean, hygiene, versatility and any little accidents that we all know can happen... waterproof is the only way to go.

active lifestyle

Enjoy being able to do all your regular and new exercise moves on your tummy at home, outdoors or in class.


It's all about balance.

Beautifully boxed for that perfect gift!

My Midwives Australia


"The Belly Bunker has an amazing array of uses, both from a comfort and a health benefit perspective.  One of the most important things for women, especially first time mums to be, is the position in which baby is lying.  Spending time in the belly bunker can allow mum to relax while baby is able to use gravity to get into an optimal 'back to the front' position.  On the comfort front the belly bunker can allow many of the abdominal muscles time to rest which can provide great relief.  It is a must have."

Liz Wilkes – Managing Director